Monday, 1 August 2011

Looking for Hammerknell gear

With Hammerknell being out for nearly a week it's time to start adding item to my spreadsheet.

I would like it if everyone that found a cleric tank item could post a picture of the item in the comments or on my spreadsheet thread on the official forums found here:

Screenshots of the items are preferred to prevent possible typo's and also please report which boss (or trash) dropped the item.


  1. Will you be adding new DH gear to your replace some of the order for the BiS cleric tanking gear? My guild is slowly progressing through raids and we are still too undergeared for hammerknell, just want to make sure I'm at the best possible setup for when we go.

    Here's a link where they have a lot of updated gear as it drops with screenshots.

  2. I will look into adding the new DH gear. However I still have to look into things a bit. The problem is the block soft cap is around T1 raid BiS and this messes with the item list quite a bit (especially if you take the new powerstone into consideration). But you can expect me to make a new BiS list soon which will get it's own page like the "Specs" and "Gear and rune list" which makes it easier to find for those that visit this site.