Saturday, 30 July 2011

Mien of leadership change

Well it seems our cleric dev Zinbik does read the forum afterall and we as a result we have a new change incomming with patch 1.4 and maybe our synergy crystal will change aswell.
Originally Posted by Zinbik 

Hey guys, one more last minute Cleric note for 1.4 that will go up to PTS sometime in the near future:
Mien of Leadership - Increased the bonus to threat to 450%.
Also, I just wanted to add that we are still looking at the Cleric Synergy Crystals. We'll be hotfixing any changes we need to make to the LIVE servers as necessary.
Some of you might think this is a 50% threat increase however this isn't the case. As it's a threat bonus we go from 400% threat generation to 550% threat generation which is "only" a 37.5% threat increase. However this is still a really big buff to our threat and I suspect that those that already played well might have to look out to not pull threat of the other tank (especially on AoE heavy bosses where you use a lot of DoA and DoL).


  1. Wanted to be the first to comment on your page.
    Keep up your great work for us tank clerics xD

  2. I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers.
    MoL gave a bonus of 300% increased threat pre-1.4. Now, the bonus is 450%. That IS an increase of 50% ((300x.50=150)+300=450) so not sure where you got the 400 & 550 from... O.o

  3. It's a 50% increase in bonus threat. However you should look at the threat you generate.
    With the old MoL you generated 400% threat (standard 100 plus 300 from MoL). So if you dealt 200 damage with Strike of Judgment you got 800 threat (ignoring the healing part).
    Now you generate 550% threat (100 standard plus 450 from MoL). So that same Strike of Judgment now generates 1100threat.

    Now that's a (1100 - 800 ) / 800 * 100 = 37.5% more threat then you did before.

  4. Do you know if puri shields generate threat?

  5. As far as I know puri shield only generate the same amount of threat as applying a buff. So basicly no threat at all.