Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Stats for tanking

As a cleric tank there are a lot of stats that are usefull to you and here I will show you what each stat does assuming you have atleast picked up the basis to tanking spec (see below at tanking builds).

Toughness: Reduces bonus crit damage taken from non player sources. 1Toughness gives a 2% crit bonus reduction.
Endurance: Increases you health by 9 per point. We get a 90% endurance buff from MoL and as a result 1 endurance on your gear will give you 17.1 health.
Wisdom: Increases your spellpower by 0.75 per point and also some mana regeneration.
Intelligence: Increases your spellpower by 0.25 per point, your max mana by 10 per point and your spellcrit by 1 per point
Strength: Increases your Attack power by 0.5 per point, your block and parry by 1 per point.
Dexterity: Increases your Attack power by 0.5 per point and your dodge by 1per point.
Focus/Hit: Increase the chance to hit with spells/melee hits by 0.2% per point. (1 focus also increase hit by 1)
Attack Power: Increases the damage of your melee attack.
Spellpower: Increases the damage of your Spells, gives you 0.9parry per point, 0.6dodge per point and 0.3block per point.
Parry: Increases your chance to parry an attack by 0.01618% per point resulting in 0 damage taken.
Dodge: Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 0.02369% per point
Block: Increase your chance to block an attack by 0.04854% per point and also effects the amount you block for (for blocked amount see diminishing retuns).

The caps
Some stats have caps that effect how high the priority of each stats is.

T1 Experts:
Toughness: 50
Focus and Hit: 70

T2 Experts:
Toughness: 100
Focus and Hit: 120

T1 Raids:
Toughness: 150
Focus and Hit: 220

T2 Raids:
Toughness: 200
Focus and Hit: 320

Parry: 20% (1236 parry rating)
Dodge: No cap at all.
Block: There is a soft cap at 45% block chance (from rating alone and doesn't affect block from PoR)
Armor: No known cap atm

The Priority
The stat priority assuming a raid environment (but even in a non raid buffed situation this is the stat order you should gear for)
Toughness (until cap) > Focus (until cap) > Endurance > Strength > block rating > Spellpower > Wisdom > Dexterity > Dodge > Parry > Intelligence

Toughness, focus and block are as a result the stats you should be looking for the most on gear.

For more information regarding stat priority and stat values I advice looking at this thread on the official forums: http://forums.riftgame.com/showthread.php?205793-Justicar-Speadsheet


  1. Hey Radak, i aprecciate ur effort on running this blog about cleric tankin, and also on the work on the builds, currently i'm using the 44 spec with purge cause i was tankin alot of experts, but now i get to the raidin level i was wondering wich would be the best spec for main tankin raids, i apreciate ur feedback bro and keep with the good work!

  2. For main tanking I myself prefer a 51 point build so I have DoA with 9points in shaman and 6 in inq. However a 51 point build isn't a must if you don't want DoA and you lose only a small amount of armor from taking a 44 point build.

  3. What amount of block should you have to start raiding with?
    And is stacking the warrior tank lesser's the best way to gain str.?

  4. Im losing my mind post 1.5 with my threat generation.. it's terribad at the moment with aoe mobs unless my raids already taking heavy damage. .any suggestions? I'm mostly HK geared and im using a 51 justicar sham inq build.

  5. AoE can be a bit tricky and there are 2 easy fixes for it. The first is have a warrior or rogue tank it (obviously not prefered). And the second one is kindly explaining your dps that you need a few seconds to get initial aggro. A problem that often occurs is that dps starts nuking and maybe even pop cd's before the mobs even reach the tank.
    Also if incoming damage isn't to high you might want to wait a while with applying PoR and simple spam Even Justice a few more time to make sure you get aggro (obviously require a even justice not in a macro).